Milos is unique

As someone is seeking the necessary information to choose Milos as his next holiday destination, he discovers more reasons that support this option. But after his visit there is one more reason that makes the travel experience unforgettable.


The local proverb says, “who sits on the zacharopetra can not be unstuck.” Zacharopetra is a grayish volcanic rocks scattered in many parts of the island and has the form of sugar (perlite). Although it lacks adhesive properties gave rise to the popular wisdom to explain why those who visit this place fall in love with it.

Is the magic that make incredible changes in the landscape? Is the incredible spectacle created by rock formations? Is the variety in appearance and colors? Is the harmony that emerges from this unique creation of God Hephaestus? Is the atmosphere that hangs from the mysterious life of love goddess Aphrodite was worshiped here? It is the balance between land and sea sun? It is the cultural legacy of the human presence at a depth of millennia? is …………… …

Even the knowledge of today’s advanced age does not respond to our questions. The only sure thing is that for good and for bad, if you finally come to the island stay upright, and remember that Milos threatens to arrest you seated in zacharopetra!